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The place where sharing
meets the cryptocurrency.

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We represent a new cryptocurrency token that symbolizes your givingness.
The concept is simple, the more you give and share, the more coins you get back.


Who are we ?

We are a young group of people who want to see a change in our world.

That's why we are starting the project We-Share based on a Solana ecosystem.

Our vision is to allow everyone to have a creative

voice and make a living, and be able to make

dreams come true. For a long time, we have realized

that cryptocurrencies have been a big part of our lives. But, unfortunately, thousands spend their money and time mining and trading only for their benefit.

We want to change that and make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone with a phone regardless of their financial situation or social status. Moreover, we have a pretty good idea of how to make it happen. But we can't do it without your help. Our vision is to reward you for sharing the products, creations, and time with others to benefit you.

With WeShare, you don't need to mine or use any technology that will leave a carbon footprint.

You just need to share.

As we see the personal projects of each partner's as a vital part of the WeShare ecosystem, we understand that alone, the way will be much more challenging. The significant benefit that we find in the WeShare coin is a commonplace where we can exchange ideas, technology, and products that we make with each other to improve ourselves. Every person here strongly believes in the power of sharing, especially in a time like now. 
We don't want to create a coin with no idea behind it. We want to believe that it will become a symbol of healthy communication, trading, and sharing between the people in the ecosystem. The final step when we can say `We did it!` is when the makers with the community that believes in us will deliver unique live-changing products to the world.

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Sounds good?
Let's see how it works

Once you sign up and start sharing your creations and products, the more interactions and exchanges you get - the more coins you'll earn. 

How to get

Create an SPL wallet,
(we recommend Phantom or Solflare)

Join Our discords

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 discord channel

In giveaway chat leave your wallet address

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Each second Friday, we chose 10 people and gave them randomly amount up to 1k

WeShare coins.



The giveaway is on our discord channel.


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